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Food: The right feeding method matters

Brabender Technologie’s comprehensive portfolio of food grade process equipment is involved in many food production applications globally. No matter if it is the FlexWall® Plus all-purpose feeder, single or twin-screw feeders, vibratory feeders, weigh belt feeders, liquid feeders and discharge aids:

You can depend on Brabender Technologie to solve your feeding and process challenges while meeting your sanitary requirements. Whether it is a continuous or batch process we have the knowledge and solutions for the food industry.

Brabender Technologie based in Duisburg, Germany, is a global leader of feeding technology and is a member of the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG). “It is of vital importance that any food industry equipment supplier has a deep and complete understanding of hygienic standards. We are capable of providing standard or custom feeding systems meeting these high standards for almost any dry, moist or liquid ingredients used in the food industry”, Klaus Plien, Manager of Food Sales at Brabender Technologie, explains.

Matching the feeder to the ingredient

Brabender food industry applications ensure highly accurate feeding, tight and consistent recipe control all critical elements for improved quality control, even with different raw materials. Klaus Plien comments that: “Natural ingredients are often very different in terms of size and shape. Every ingredient has its own properties, while a mixture of several ingredients can have quite different characteristics than the individual elements. Often raw materials used in food processing are often delicate and fragile. Our Hygienic Design feeding systems can be modified to perfectly match the properties of each ingredient.”

Food Design: A blue world

Brabender Technologie uses food-grade components when designing for food processing applications. For example, blue-colored polyurethane components which comply with food processing standards.

  • Horizontal surfaces and exposed screw threads have been removed from the designs.
  • Customers benefit from rounded, smooth surfaces, porosity-free welds and quick-release fasteners for quick disassembly.
  • Water shedding junction boxes and non-ventilated smooth body motors are available.
  • Brabender Technologie only uses FDA- and 1935/2004-compliant materials.

Brabender Technologie’s design not only enhances the food safety and cleanability aspects of the feeding process, but it also minimizes process downtime.

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