Completely reengineered:
DDSR20 and DSR28

We have completely reengineered both popular DDSR20 and DSR28 stirring agitator feeders. Gear units, closures, hoppers, covers, seals, outlets, compensators, cable management – our engineers have practically reinvented these devices. These reengineered models enable us to offer our customers state-of-the-art feeders that dovetail with their processes. Here the focus is on easy handling and rapid cleaning. Users benefit from a whole series of enhancements.

New drive concept.
The gear unit is now a complete subassembly featuring timing belt technology and is fitted directly to the load cell. There is now no need to install a chain, chain guard, bearing block, spacer plate and coupling. It operates more quietly and weighs significantly less. Alongside the proven gear motor, new features include a 3-phase AC and a smart motor, the latter with an extended adjustment range of 1:100.

New closure system.
Closures no longer consist of screw/nut connections but of a permanently installed clamping lug system. Non-tool operation means that twisting and losing small components are history.

New screw design.
The twin screws now feature a contracted stainless-steel bush. This means they meet Hygienic Design requirements and are ideally suited for food and pharmaceutical applications.

New design.
The hopper has been folded over at its top end and features neither drilled holes nor escapes. A precision-fit silicon foam seal provides the perfect cover closure. The vertical outlet has now been standardized at a diameter of 60.3 millimeters. A clamping ring is no longer required. A new geometric compensator shape enables better feeding at low performance ranges. Starting with the 2019 version, they are now made of cast LSR silicon.

Has the new concept for the DDSR20 and DSR28 aroused your interest? We are happy to provide you with advice on your specific application.

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