DS line for pellets

We have created the DS line especially for feeding pellets. Featuring steep-walled funnel hoppers and a single screw, the DS feeder is ideal for tackling all the feeding processes involved in plastics finishing. For feeding one or several products, in continuous operation or product changeover mode. Available in four sizes for different performance ranges. “All aspects of the design engineering process were guided by the maxim of simplicity,” is how design engineer Jürgen Knez explains what is required of this feeder. Simple design, easy to handle and clean.

Brabender Technologie provides a process-matched version for two of the three models available, the DS60 and the DS80, depending on whether the feeding process involves continuous operation or frequent changeovers. The DS60 and DS80 equipment types differ above all in terms of motor and screw handling.

S as in Standard
The Standard (S) version is suitable for continuous operation involving one product; here the motor and screw remain attached to one another and can be removed from the rear.

E as in Extended
The Extended (E) version is recommended for frequent product changeovers that involve an increased cleaning requirement. This version provides the option of separating the motor and the screw, which makes cleaning easier.

And this is how it works:
If an Extended (E) version is due a product changeover or to be cleaned, its motor is just shifted on a sliding plate, but remains installed. This enables the screw to be removed from the rear conveniently and cleaning or a product changeover can be undertaken quickly. An additional slide gate and fixed outlet connection make emptying the hopper entirely feel like a walk in the park. Jürgen Knez, designer of the DS line, states: “Admittedly, this design is very unusual for feeders of this kind, but it makes handling considerably easier.”

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DS28 – compact but effective
The smallest version of the new feeder line, the DS28, features a slightly different design. In this case the motor is permanently attached to the feeder, but the entire hopper unit, including the screw, can easily be removed from the front of the feeder using quick release clamps, without any spillage of material. This means that these units can be conveniently replaced without needing to empty the hopper completely.

The DS line: three models, four hopper sizes and performance ranges. Maximum versatility to meet any requirement.