Representation in Canada


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“Serving Industries in Western Canada”

We are not alone: There are many representatives who market Brabender Technologie systems from all around the word. In Canada, Way-Tech Process Solutions is one of our successful partners.

Brabender Technologie has an established presence in Canada – but it’s quite a distance from Way-Tech Process Solutions. “Travelling from Toronto to Vancouver by car takes about 43 hours. You will have to cross eight American states to cover a distance of 4,353 kilometers – after all, Canada is the second largest country in the word. We are lucky to have partners on the west coast”, Guy Catton explains.

His predecessor Terry Fahlenbock approached Garry Waylett, the previous owner of Way-Tech in 2004, to represent Brabender Technologie. Since then Way-Tech represents the company in Western Canada including Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Way-Tech Process Solutions is a technical sales agency that caters to industrial process equipment manufacturers. “In most cases their customers purchase directly from the manufacturers they represent which is a very cost-effective way of doing business”, Paul Robinson, president of Way-Tech explains their business model.

Wide range of industries
Way-Tech Process Solution has been in business since September 1987 and has four office locations: Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, and Portland. The company serves a diverse market from agriculture, mining, wood, pulp and paper, and many more. Therefore, it is not dependent on a single sector and not affected by a significant downturn in one industry. They specialize in providing process solutions for powders and bulk solids.

Typical customers are engineering companies, wood plants, feed or food manufactures, nutraceuticals, cement manufacturers and maintenance personnel. “A typical request includes quotes for systems or parts”, Paul Robinson relates. “But sometimes we have exceptional requests to design a system that includes equipment we typically don’t deal with.” In both cases the motto stays the same: “Serving Industries in Western Canada Since 1987.” They can always count on the technical expertise of their colleagues from Brabender Technologie. Paul Robinson appreciates that: “The personnel at Brabender Technologie is great to deal with, with very prompt responses and quotes in a timely manner.

(published in FLUX 1/2019)