Brazilian agency: Technoservice



Brazilian agency: Technoservice

For almost 25 years the Brazilian agency Technoservice has been a committed and reliable partner for Brabender Technologie in all matters on the entire South American continent.

It all began in the late 1970s, when the founders of Technoservice, Carlos A. Squinello and Johannn Höllerschmid, met during their time together at Volkswagen in Sao Paulo. In 1986 they met again at Schenck do Brasil, Johann now as service manager and Carlos as service technician. When Johann started working for the company Bücher & Bücher as a sales representative in 1994, he had his first contact with Brabender Technologie. In 1996 Carlos convinced Johann to found Technoservice.

More than three decades of experience

"We now have 34 years of experience in the field of weighing and dosing technology," explains Carlos Squinello with pride. "Brabender Technologie was the first company we represented in 1997", explains his companion Herbert Ghirardello, who joined the agency about seven years ago when Johann Höllerschmid retired. In addition to the volumetric and gravimetric feeders of Brabender Technology, the company also has mixers from Mixaco (Dr. Herfeld), another German company. Both are exclusively for industrial purposes, especially for plastics, food and chemicals. Since 2014 the portfolio is completed by torque rheometers and extruders made by Brabender GmbH and moisture meters for quality control by Brabender Messtechnik.

Tasks and challenges

The Brazilian agency's range of services includes not only individual adaptation and commissioning of the system or machine at the customer's site, but also a spare parts service. "In addition, we check all documents important for customs clearance on behalf of the customer and handle the bureaucratic part for them," explains Herbert Ghirardello. This is an important point, because the Brazilian market is characterized by many customs restrictions, which results in a pronounced administration with considerable costs. Added to this are comparatively high taxes and a complex system of levies. "This makes it very difficult for smaller companies to buy high-quality plant and machinery from Europe," explains Herbert Ghirardello.

Large catchment area in South America

With a total of five employees, Technoservice primarily serves Brazil and Argentina, but also other South American countries that have no local representative, such as Uruguay, Chile and Colombia. Its customers include large companies active in masterbatch and plastic compound production, but also in the food and pet food sectors. "Our website helps us to promote the products we represent. We also participate in a trade fair for the Brazilian plastics industry every two years," reports Herbert Ghirardello, who is responsible for sales and marketing at Technoservice.

Service as a mainstay

"Our customers also appreciate the on-site service provided by their local representative because he speaks their language. This makes it easier to exchange information when it comes to diagnosing and supporting customers with technical problems on the machines," Herbert Ghirardello continues. Technoservice also provides spare parts from Germany and training courses. In order to keep up to date, Carlos Squinello and Herbert Ghirardello visit the company headquarters every two to three years to attend the service seminar and the K trade show, for example, or when other events seem appropriate. "Although we are in daily contact with Duisburg, regular visits to Germany are very important to us. From our work with customers, we know how important it is to have a personal conversation on site. At the meetings we meet other representatives from all over the world and experience ourselves as a living member of the global Brabender Technology family. Every time we meet, it’s rejuvenating as we take home new energy and lots of inspiration," sums up Carlos Squinello.

(published in FLUX 1/2021)