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Technical centre, Canada: There is always a way.

What to do if a bulk ingredient cannot be fed? Ask Brabender Technologie! The employees at the technical centre in Toronto can help find a solution.

“We recently had a demanding test for which our laboratory manager Bryan Sangalang and laboratory technician Arthur Gniotek had to find a solution”, says Guy Catton, CEO of Brabender Technologie in Canada. The powder was very cohesive and clogged quickly. However: “Our research showed that the characteristics of the material changed considerably when the temperature dropped. To confirm this, the technicians cooled the powder overnight and then tested the flow behaviour again the next day: It transpired that the DVT120 vibration feeder worked very well at eight degrees and we therefore had a successful outcome to the test.”

Available for everyone

This story shows how important the work of technical centres is. On average, Brabender Technologie in Canada processes around 100 to 120 enquiries a year. Most are to do with continuous gravimetric feeding solutions. The FlexWall® feeder is therefore the most frequently requested, and this is based on its versatile deployment options and digital precision weighing. “Customers from the plastic, food and chemical industry use our test capacities”, reports Guy Catton. “New customers with little experience of loss-in-weight processes and feeding also find the technical centre very helpful.” 

The bulk ingredients experts describe the typical test in this way: “We receive many requests from new and long-term customers who wish to use our facility to watch our feeding tests.” To arrange an appointment all you have to do is contact one of the regional representatives. So that the technical centre employees can prepare for the relevant bulk ingredient, they often ask for small samples in advance.

The larger the feed quantity the greater the challenge for the employees. Based on the local conditions, the technicians have to make special arrangements for amounts from around 1.3 cubic meters per hour. However, Guy Catton quotes the saying “where there is a will there is a way”. “It is rather unusual but we also conduct such tests with additional support.”

Sharing insights gained

Brabender Technologie saves the information on tests and bulk ingredients from the three technical centres in a common database which can only be viewed by its own employees. An active and informal exchange also ensures a good flow of information and sharing of experiences within the global Brabender family.


Prior to every feeding trial, the question is asked whether the bulk ingredient is safe to handle and whether all measures have been taken to represent the requirements of the customer. It is only in this way that valid results can be achieved. We act in a proven three-step process against this backdrop.

1st step: The customer provides the laboratory team with the safety sheet for the material (SDS). This includes instructions for the safe handling of the bulk ingredient.

2nd step: We require a written test request. On this form, the customer answers questions on the process data and requirements.

3rd step: If both have been tested by our laboratory team, the customer receives shipping instructions and information on how much bulk ingredient is required for the test.

(published in FLUX 1/2020)