OP 16 - Full control from a single source


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OP 16: Full control from a single source

The refilling process via a vacuum conveyor can now be controlled centrally with the Congrav® OP 16 operator interface.

The refilling of the feeder hopper is a required process in gravimetric feeding which often uses vacuum transfer technology. Brabender’s existing field proven OP 16 operator interface can now control both the feeder and a vacuum transfer system. The OP 16 can display both the feeder refill process and vacuum convey-ing process as a standard feature allowing the operator to have both these critical process controlled from one device.

“With this new option the OP 16 becomes the master unit”, explains Günter Kuhlmann, CEO of Brabender Technologie. “Up to now, the control of feeders and vacuum conveyors has been carried out in the control system with several points of contact”, continues Günter Kuhlmann. The request for refill-ing now comes from the feeding control. OP 16 thereby combines the communication between feeder and vacuum conveyor.”

Benefits of the OP 16 master unit

With this new feature the customer has been able to control both devices from one source since January 2020. Refilling processes can be easily optimised and the devices precisely coordinated with one another. This means a leaner overall control process saving time thanks.

(published in FLUX 1/2020)