K 2019 - Summit meeting for our core market


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Summit meeting for our core market

No other market is as important for Brabender Technologie as the plastics industry. It is therefore unsurprising that the K trade fair is special for the company.    

When plastics specialists from all over the world meet in Düsseldorf it is “K” time. The trade show takes place every three years, and in 2019 it revolved around the circular economy and recycling. “Environmental topics have become critical in the world of plastic”, confirms Antonio Seising, Head of Sales at Brabender Technologie. This was also a topic in the show booth, for example for the feeding of recycle, film edge or shredded carpet. “We have been fully prepared for such requests for a long time.” Besides a broad spectrum of feeders (read the following pages about the innovative new feed-er solutions), Brabender Technologie brought many ingredient samples to Düsseldorf. In the material corner were glasses with a variety of ingredients which demonstrated the various difficulties involved in feeding: tangled fibres that move in clumps, extremely fine powder behaving like a liquid when in motion, and oth-ers that become electrostatically charged and adhere to the glass. Antonio Seising explains the trade show concept: “We were able to pick up on customers’ concerns here and then explain to them in front of the device how to deal with specific challenges”.

A wide portfolio on show

The range of feeders left no stone unturned: the universal FlexWall®, the new stirring agitator feeders, the FiberXpert fibre feeder, a vibrating tray feeder, a fluid feeder and the new DS feeders were on display. Some with special features: a DSR28 with FlexWall® as a refill unit was on show, along with the DS feeder with vacuum conveyor and the new user operator interface in the OP 16. “Refilling processes are one of the central concerns of our customers and represent a main theme of the trade fair”, reports Günter Kuhlmann, CEO of Brabender Technologie. Another main emphasis was control of the feeder via a web server (we present both in detail on the following pages).  Service staff were available for visitors with specific application questions about their equipment or the upgrading of individual feeders. The service staff were able to respond based on their application experience and were sought-after contacts for technical special solutions. There were no language barriers at the Brabender Technologie stand: colleagues from all over the world added to the German team and were able to give answers in many languages.  

Feeder in use

But their feeders were not only to be found on the Brabender Technologie stand itself: one complete feeder system (three powder and one liquids feeder) were on show with the business partner ENTEX which uses Brabender for feeding in their new laboratory Planetary Roller Extruder. The Bochum company demonstrated at the stand how a colourful dough is extruded from water, flour and colour additives. “At ENTEX, our customers could see the new DDSR20 dual screw feeder in hygienic design in use for flour, and the standard single screw feeder for the colour additive”, reports Klaus Plien, head of sales for the food division. “That was a small bonus for us of course, since it was even easier to explain how the loss in weight feeder works”. 

Experience all the trade fair highlights in the video review for K 2019.

(Published in FLUX 1/2020)