Innovative, safe, flexible: Innovations at Brabender Technologie


Duisburg, October 2020. – Brabender Technologie is pleased to present its latest development for its bulk materials and liquids feeding, weighing, discharging and flow measurements products with focus on the areas of increased flexibility and safety.

An overview of the topics:

  1. Servo motor standard on additional feeders 
  2. New flex connection made from liquid silicone ensures highly flexible and secure connections.
  3. A new innovative shaft seal design.
  4. A transparent PETG vertical outlet allows easy visual inspection.

1) Versatile standard: the servo motor

Brabender Technologie is pleased to announce that servo motors will become standard for additional feeders. What does the servo motor have to offer?

  • Compared to standard AC motors, the flexible servo drive provides a wider speed range, while maintaining torque.
  • The servo motor stays extremely powerful: Full torque is available at low speeds and it is having negligible speed fluctuations during high torque demand situations.
  • Easy handling: the servo drive is desirable as it eliminates the need for a second pair of screw and tube thereby reducing changeover downtime of the system.

2) Highly flexible: Flex Connections made from liquid silicone

They are essential for sealing upstream and downstream process: Flex connections made from highly durable, tear-resistant liquid silicone rubber (LSR). Ideal for feeding hazardous ingredients. Toxic dust is being prevented from escaping.

What’s new?

  • Highly flexible: due to the new design
  • Feeding of smallest quantities: ultra-low feed rates below 50 grams per hour
  • A flex connection material thickness: extremely thin in the flexible area and more robust where attached to the clamps

3) Shaft sealing system available with purging 

The recently developed shaft sealing system can be used wherever screw or agitator shafts are required. Brabender Technologie has now added a purge system to its innovative radial shaft seal. 

How does the new shaft sealing function? 

  • It consists of an inner pressurized chamber.
  • The shaft seals act as a barrier in both directions: on one side towards the motor and on the other side in contact with the ingredient.


  • This means that in the rare event of a seal leak, dust always remains in the chamber.

4) In full view: transparent outlet in PETG

The new clear vertical outlet molded from PETG, is a non-flexible plastic which remains dimensionally stable up to 90 °C.


  • Fully sealed
  • The material is FDA-compliant and ideally suited for the food industry. 
  • As this is transparent you can visually check for ingredient flow at a glance.