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Welcome to Dubai
Dubai'ye hoş geldiniz

Anybody that does business in Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Iran is used to long journeys. To cut down on travel, Brabender Technologie is managing relationships with its customers in this region from its Dubai office.

Kamran Bigham-Ghazani is polylingual – in addition to his native language Farsi he also speaks German, English, Arabic, Azeri and Turkish. These are excellent qualifications for communicating with customers in the Middle East. “I joined Brabender Technologie in 1995 as a service engineer and looked after customers in this region right from the word go. Ever since I switched to Sales, I continue to help out with Service and provide training in Turkish or Farsi“, says Kamran Bigham-Ghazani. Providing this local training and as well as telephone support for Service issues in the relevant languages is enormously important and saves a lot of time. Many production facility employees who are directly involved in operating and maintaining manufacturing equipment do not speak English or German.

Dubai has many advantages
After spending ten years in Duisburg, Kamran proposed setting up an office in the region to cut down on travel times. “I always regard the distances involved as huge, and I mostly only travel by plane. Dubai with its international airport has superb logistics links.“ In addition to this advantage, the flexibility shown by the local authorities and fast Internet access also appealed to him and to Brabender. “After we had opted for Dubai, I was able to register the company a few days later. In May I started doing business here in Dubai.“

For the first ten years he handled Service and Sales on his own at the small branch. Be it quotations or order fulfillment, commissioning or training, maintenance or repairs, Kamran Bigham-Ghazani was there for customers. Since 2007 he receives support from his wife Behnaz Samadzadeh with administrative and accounting procedures. Two years ago John Cruz joined in the team of the Dubai branch as sales representative. “We have experienced good growth here in the Middle East; the number of customers has increased steadily since the branch opened“, Kamran Bigham-Ghazani relates. Both employees are working to capacity.

Core industry: plastics
“Around 95 percent of our customers are involved in the plastics and petrochemicals industries. Only a small fraction are food or pharmaceutical companies.“ To maintain contact with its customer base, Brabender Technologie is regularly represented at the major trade fairs in the region – Iran Plast (this year from September 24 to 27 in Tehran) and ArabPlast, which next takes place in January 2019 in Dubai.

Of particular importance to both employees in Dubai is the excellent level of communication with Duisburg. Kamran Bigham-Ghazani still knows plenty of colleagues from his time in Germany. He and his colleague John Cruz get to know the new faces at sales representative meetings. “Rapid communication is important, especially for our region”, he emphasizes. Customs and import regulations are often thorny issues, and many formalities need to be completed to ensure smooth delivery procedures. Brabender Technologie has many years of experience in this respect and really knows the ropes as far as the authorities are concerned.

A matter close to Kamran Bigham-Ghazani’s heart is of course Iran. He is hoping that it will continue to open up. “My homeland is a country with massive potential. The population is young and there is a huge innovation backlog”, he says. When things get that far, Brabender Technologie will be ready and waiting.

(published in FLUX 1/2018)