DDSR20 HD - Small and precise


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Small and precise

The DDSR20 stirring agitator feeder in hygienic design is the perfect partner for feeding tasks in the pharmaceutical and food industries.    

In the pharmaceutical and food indus-tries it is often a matter of metering the tiniest amounts of active sub-stances and additives. “Continually feeding 50 grams per hour is a great challenge. Precision is the top priority here”, explains Günter Kuhlmann, CEO of Brabender Technologie. The company has developed the DDSR20 stirring agitator feeder in hygienic design for these special applications. 

Innovative developments for drive, screws and seal

The drive is now activated with two servomotors which activate the stir-ring agitator and screws separately with independent speed settings. Günter Kuhlmann explains: “We are thereby greatly increasing the effectiveness of the bulk ingredi-ents agitation.” Multiple-flight dual concave screws ensure an even feed consistency at low speed. A load cell with an internal resolution of four million to one offers the greatest possible feeding accuracy. The new sealing system consisting of a PTFE four-lip seal also offers improved sealing. 

Hygienic design for less downtime

The compact device does not have edges, corners or undercuts. Its smooth surfaces enable rapid and complete cleaning. The whole item that is in contact with the product can also be removed and changed with just a wingnut and without using any tools. It is therefore pos-sible to directly change feeders with different bulk ingredients very quickly. “The industry is shifting increasingly towards continuous production processes. It is becoming more important to keep the downtime of the system as low as possible during a product change or for cleaning processes”, emphasises the CEO. Günter Kuhlmann summarises the changes as follows: “With the DDSR20 in hygienic design, we are supplying an innovative de-pendable high precision feeder for applications in the pharmaceutical and food industries which combine technology expertise with a com-petitive price.”

(published in FLUX 1/2020)