Brabender Technologie: One name, three companies



Brabender Technologie: One name, three companies

When customers mention the name “Brabender”, it is not always clear which company they are referring to. This ambiguity has historical origins, because there are currently three Brabender companies focusing on completely different activities. In 2020, two important changes were made to this structure.

They are like three dissimilar siblings. Each one has their own set of talents but they are aligned. When founding father Carl Wilhelm Brabender established Brabender Elektromaschinen GmbH in 1923, he could not have anticipated that an internationally renowned group of companies would evolve from his start-up business. In 1936 Brabender Elektromaschinen GmbH was renamed Brabender OHG, the predecessor to today’s Brabender GmbH & Co. KG.

Carl Wilhelm Brabender’s heirs

Today, three companies have been consolidated within Holzhauer Holding: Brabender, Brabender Messtechnik and Brabender Technologie. Each of these entities operate as independent, internationally successful businesses. Their owners, the Holzhauer family, are the legitimate heirs of Carl Wilhelm Brabender. Bruno Dautzenberg, General Manager of Brabender Technologie, explains: “Feeders made by Brabender Technologie are used primarily in industrial production. The measuring instruments and systems designed and produced by Brabender, are used for quality assurance purposes. They are also used to develop formulations and methods in industry-related and public-sector research and development institutions. The products manufactured by Brabender Messtechnik, which was established in 1961, lie somewhere in between. The instruments for measuring residual moisture and elasticity in plastics and for measuring viscosity in processes involving liquids and pastes are used both in the laboratory and in manufacturing for quality assurance purposes.”

Becoming more efficient

This year the structure has been modified, in order to increase Messtechnik’s product development and sales opportunities. Dr. David Szczesny, Managing Director of Brabender: “Brabender Messtechnik’s portfolio will be incorporated into Brabender GmbH & Co. KG. That will enable topics to be consolidated so that, synergies and greater efficiency can be achieved.” The new organizational structure will provide Brabender group companies with a clear focus, while allowing each entity to continue to act independently. The ‘Reds’, Brabender Technologie, will continue to be a manufacturer of feeding systems for bulk materials of all kinds and a supplier to the manufacturing industries. The ‘Blues’ will enhance their laboratory measuring technology product portfolio by adding the know-how and products of Brabender Messtechnik. Two companies will continue to move Carl Wilhelm Brabender’s legacy forward into the future in equal measure – each with their own core competencies.

New service company

Services such as ,‘IT’, ‘Human Resources’ and ‘Finance’ were consolidated under Brabender Dienstleistungs GmbH, a new common services company, as of September 1, 2020. Pooling these support functions enables the two Brabender operating companies to each focus on their core business.

(published in FLUX 1/2021)