BagDumper: New innovative standard



BagDumper: New innovative standard

For many years the BagDumper has been synonymous with perfectly customized dumping stations for commercially available bagged materials. In 2020, Brabender Technologie relaunched these stations and set a new standard that incorporates innovative solutions.

We started our “Discharge” series of articles, which kicked off in the last issue, by carefully examining the BAV bin discharger. This time, we are highlighting the capabilities of another infeed station: the BagDumper. It is the perfect partner for dumping bagged materials and is suitable for all fluid bulk materials – including food. Even if the product starts featuring dwell times inside the equipment and its flow properties change as a result, a wide range of different options from the product portfolio enable a technical solution to be found.

Three modular design versions

When simple applications are involved, the product bag is placed in the freestanding BagDumper to enable the product to reach the equipment attached to the discharge outlet or to be stockpiled in the machine for subsequent removal. “We have developed three modular versions of the BagDumper. With Version 1 customers obtain a high-quality stainless-steel machine that reliably places the bags in the system and provides the option of attaching a customer-side extractor. Versions 2 and 3 also feature an integrated filter system with cleaning capability and a ventilator, which makes a customer-side extractor unnecessary.

Glove box: guaranteed health protection

Version 3 is also available with a glove box for use when the product is dusty or contains substances that are hazardous to health. Use of the BagDumper fitted with a glove box is recommended in such cases. Work on the bagged materials is performed in the enclosed product space from the outside using gloves. The extractor generates a permanent flow of air that prevents product dust from escaping and coming into contact with the machine operator during placement and discharging of the bagged materials. “The glove box thus enables bagged materials to be discharged inside the enclosed equipment providing more user safety,” Klaus-Dieter Kemkes, Head of Project Management at Brabender Technologie, states. Customers can customize the three versions by adding a wide range of specific features as optional extras to match their actual requirements, for example the Hygienic Design version. "Thanks to its flexible design with various modules, the BagDumper is ideally suited for ergonomic work," explains Klaus-Dieter Kemkes. Furthermore, up-to-date fill levels on all versions can be logged using four optional analog load cells and relayed to a control system. The visual display on the BagDumper can also be actuated using a multicolored indicator lamp.

BagDumper with integrated feeder

In applications that require precisely controlled product flow from the infeed station a feeder can be incorporated with the BagDumper’s support frame. In this equipment combination, product flow is controlled via the feeder, for example our own FlexWall range. The BagDumper can also be combined with big bag discharging stations.

Everything from a single source

Michael Weller, a Brabender Technologie Sales executive, adds: “In addition to the choice of different versions and wide range of options, what customers value about the BagDumper is its premium-quality workmanship and resultant long service life. Many customers single source the BagDumper together with one of our robust, field proven feeders due to their familiarity and positive experiences with our products. The fact that the equipment is easy to dismantle and to clean also plays a major role in their buying decisions.”

New standard featuring innovative solutions

Last year the design engineers worked diligently on taking the BagDumper to an even higher technical level. The filter system in particular was enhanced: the option of a policing filter featuring as a third zone alongside the product and cleaning spaces was provided. This means the BagDumper is now designed for and can be used in production facilities featuring potentially explosive environments. “To enable such applications, we have refined the BagDumper for use in ATEX zones,” explains Andrzej Watzlawik, Mechanical Engineering at Brabender Technologie. The project team also focused on enabling the filters to be detached from the inside along with the support and deflector plates. Any product falling from the filter remains inside the BagDumper, which makes cleaning so much easier. The clean gas zone can now be checked from the exterior too, with the aid of the new inspection panels. The extractor has been reengineered and adapted to the new filter version. This makes maintenance work easier to perform. A door catch ensures that the closed door does not open of its own accord or during cleaning of the filters. The milled, round seal also seals the door area better.


“A large number of innovative details have been incorporated into the design of this new version. The new BagDumper standard appeals as an integrated solution offering improved cleanability, more safety and optimum user-friendliness,” is how Klaus-Dieter Kemkes expresses the feeling of satisfaction that he shares with his colleagues.

(published in FLUX 1/2021)