A company providing the full range of bulk-material solutions Brabender Technologie reaches 60


A company providing the full range of bulk-material solutions Brabender Technologie reaches 60

June 22, 2017

  • Brabender Technologie has established itself as one of the leading global providers of bulk-material weighing, feeding, discharging, controlling and flow metering equipment and systems six decades after it was founded.
  • An integral part of the company’s identity is providing a professional and reliable 24/7 service at all its locations worldwide.
  • The newly built corporate headquarters (K49) in Duisburg, which will be occupied in the summer of 2017, are putting the company on course to continue being successful in the future.

Brabender Technologie KG was founded in 1957 with the objective of serving its parent company Brabender OHG’s many industrial contacts using the vehicle of a proprietary sales operation. In the past 60 years the company has managed to establish itself as a leading international manufacturer of weighing, feeding, discharging, controlling and flow metering equipment and systems for the bulk materials used in a wide range of industries by consistently enhancing its reliable precision technology.

Bruno Dautzenberg, General Manager of Brabender Technologie, explains: “The name ‘Brabender Technologie’ is synonymous all over the world with premium-quality, pioneering technology solutions in these segments. Brabender Technologie’s feeders, discharge aids and flow meters can now be found in all sectors of industry around the world that process bulk materials, like the plastics, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, animal feed, detergent, ceramics, glass and building materials industries.”

Consultancy, feeding and discharging tests in our testing centers, commissioning, user training or after-sales service around the clock – these services are an integral part of Brabender Technologie’s identity, which our employees put into practice every day in all parts of the world.

Our new “K49” corporate headquarters, which were built in the space of just one year at our Kulturstrasse 49/Duisburg location, are putting the company on course to continue being successful in the future. Horst Vohwinkel, General Manager of Brabender Technologie, explains: “The centerpiece of the new building is a new large-scale technical center that lifts our previous space restrictions and enables continuous processes to be modelled.”

Product milestones

Over the last 60 years this long-established company’s bulk-material feeding, weighing, discharging and flow metering products have evolved into a broad-based portfolio of high-tech equipment, providing solutions for the entire spectrum of bulk materials - from powdered to coarse-grained and from fibrous to flaked.

The company kicks off with a broad-based portfolio consisting of knock vibrators, anti-static devices, bunker switches, weatherometers and pilling testers. The first bulk-material feeders and dischargers in those start-up years provide an indication of the direction in which Brabender Technologie and its product range are headed. In the 1970s the Duisburg-based company unveils its first loss-in-weight feeder. Its most important technology to this day is upgraded to a fully digital version in the 1980s. The first microcomputer controllers are also launched during this period.

“A product development milestone is reached in 1994 with the launch of the FlexWall® bulk-material feeder, which has enabled Brabender Technologie to enjoy two decades of success in international markets”, Horst Vohwinkel explains. “The feeding principle of this bestseller, which was upgraded in 2001 to the FlexWall®Plus, is the one that is now most frequently applied in all bulk-material processing industries, irrespective of whether powder, granulate, flakes, chips, flocks, fibers or other materials are involved.”

With the introduction of field bus technology for gravimetric feeders in 2000, the company manages to bridge the gap between analog and digital communication. The ISC-CM/FC range of “intelligent” feeder-mounted control and speed control modules is launched in the same year. At the end of the 1990s the company develops its first range of “hygienic design” feeders in partnership with leading food industry manufacturers, designed to meet the highest hygiene standards. The foundations for another specialism in the food and later the pharmaceutical industry are laid.

The years of international expansion

In the 1980s Brabender Technologie begins to expand its distribution and service network around the world. The key to the success of all international activities is the employment of local sales and service personnel to ensure access to the local culture, and who are successfully able to communicate the German parent company’s values and beliefs as well as its product and service benefits.

In 1987 existing activities in the North American market are formalized in a licensed manufacturing agreement signed with our Canadian partner, “Control & Metering”, which results ten years later in the establishment of Brabender’s first overseas subsidiary, “Brabender Technologie Inc.”, based in Toronto/Canada. 

Things go quickly following the turn of the millennium: first up, the “Brabender Moscow” office in Russia is opened in 2003, then a year later “Brabender Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.” is established in China and another year later “Brabender Technologie Middle East” is set up in Dubai in 2005. In 2007 the most recently opened branch commences operations in Kolkata/India.